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Central American
Sea Kayak Expedition 2000

Paddle into the Past with an Eye to the Future!


Why would two people risk their lives to dance with death for over a thousand days? Why would they push their mental and physical limits for three years? 

Lucky to have survived this epic adventure, we’re here to share our story. From the curious why of our expedition to how we took that dream and turned it into a stark reality.


Follow our planning and preparation, trace our map from start to finish, and take a closer look at the characters we met along the way, because they are the ones who truly make this thrilling tale come to life. From initial idea to finish line; this is the splendid adventure of the Caske2000. 

We invite you to start with the Expedition section so we can set the scene, but if you want to plunge right in, then pick up the book and join us on the expedition of a lifetime. Make sure to sign-in to receive updates and special offers about our website, book, and incredible adventures to come. 

A Tale of Adventure, Sacrifice, and Endurance 

Shark attacks, storms at sea, malaria, near drowning, guerilla ambushes, crocodiles, and incredible cultural encounters; this is the story of two men, two sea kayaks, and three years paddling more than 3,000 miles of the remote and wild Central American coastline.

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