Central American
Sea Kayak Expedition 2000

Paddle into the Past with an Eye to the Future!


Two friends, one mission – to take our sea-kayaks on a three-year expedition to unravel the mysteries of some of Central America’s most remote coastlines and wild rivers, as we seek to contact endangered native cultures along the way.

While witnessing some of nature’s greatest sights – it was the chance to discover, document, and in some way – help preserve the ancient traditions and cultures of vanishing indigenous people that sparked our desire to undertake such a journey.

The Long Way; From Baja, Mexico to Panama

Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama – we paddled the seven countries, along the coast of the Sea of Cortes, the wild Atlantic, the exotic Pacific, and also upriver to remote native villages stashed deep in the jungle. 

The sea kayak was our vehicle of choice because they offer one of the best low-impact ways to penetrate the depths of untouched jungles via their winding waterways, without causing a disturbance to nature and those who inhabit the world beneath the canopies. We were keen to interact with indigenous people and so we traveled, not as high-tech tourists, but as people living from the land and the sea.

The main goals behind embracing the challenge of the CASKE2000 was to combine our athletic skills with a love for travel and extreme endurance challenges. But it was also our passion for people and indigenous cultures that drove us to these shores. Our aim was also to produce documentaries about the communities we met, to send a global message to the world about the importance of cultural preservation.

Along the way we documented the culture and lifestyle of the Mayans, Kekchi, Garifuna, Miskitos, Pech, Embera, Wounan, Kuna, and Nogbe people.


We witnessed nature at both the height of its beauty and the height of its terror, at its best and at its worst. But we survived to tell the story. Our tale is published in "DANCING WITH DEATH: An Epic and Inspiring Travel Adventure".

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Our previous Sea Kayak Expedition website was brimming with great info and tips on survival skills, including survival at sea and in the depths of the jungle. We are working on redesigning that area of the website and this section will once again we featured soon. Thanks for your patience. 


We also had maps showing our itinerary for people to follow our progression, along with detailed tables and GPS coordinates of all our campsites to truly paint a picture of the journey. 

As this content was not mobile friendly, we are also redesigning these pages too and will feature them in our future updates. 

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Dancing With Death

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